From Zero to Influencer

How to go from Nobody to Influencer

Hi, Yann here.

I’ve spent the past few years figuring out how to go from an absolute nobody to someone people are talking about. I don’t like this word, but a lot of people say that I’m an influencer. I don’t really care about how you name it or frame it. But I guess that’s what they say.

I’ve spoken at some of the most prestigious events all over Europe and Asia. I’ve mentored over 1000 entrepreneurs over the past few years at events all over Europe. I’ve written and published 6 books. I’ve started writing online and now have an audience of more than 140,000 monthly readers.

I’ve started a podcast and had incredible people on it, like the Partner of 500 Startups who’s managing the San Francisco Office. One of the most successful startup accelerators in the world. Or the first investor in Pinterest who has invested in more than 200 companies worldwide. Or a guy who has written and published 33 books in the past 6 years.

And for most of the stuff I did, I barely spent anything. Simply because I didn’t have anything to spend on marketing. Or on building my brand. I grew everything from scratch. With zero budget. Without any network. Without any contacts.

The things I’m going to introduce to you in this package, the From Zero to Influencer package will cost you close to nothing. As a matter of fact if you follow all the techniques in here and do all of the things I’ll introduce you to, you won’t spend more than $100. IN TOTAL.

 Anybody can become an influencer with the right system I’m the living proof

Here’s the deal. Here’s what you’ll achieve using the tactics and techniques I’m going to introduce to you. It’ll make you so much more successful on so many levels.

You’ll get more speaker engagements if you’re a speaker. You’ll boost your book sales if you’re an author. More people will subscribe to your newsletter if you’re a blogger. Or more freelance gigs if you’re a freelancer. Or more traction for your startup if you’re an entrepreneur. 

All of these things will help you to get more clients, customers and/or readers. And they will ultimately help you to build a solid foundation to make more money in the future. But not only this. They will enable you to own your life again. You’ll be your own boss. 

BUT BE AWARE. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It still involves a lot of hard work. But with the right tweaks here and there you’ll know how to get there. This is the right system. This is the system that will get you there. But it still needs a hell lot of work, blood sweat and tears from your side. 

The financial investment into this course is negligible compared to the results. It’s a complete no brainer. If all you do is avoid the things I mention in here, you’ll already save thousands of dollars. Not to mention the upside potential. Like acquiring 100 leads a week for FREE! Or connecting with other influencers. Or getting invited to speak at conferences. And a lot more.

But enough jibber jabber. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect if you decide to grab the Zero to Influencer bundle. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And this isn’t valuable ONLY for individuals. It works for startups, businesses and new products as well. Everything in here can be applied to pretty much everything you can sell or promote online.

How to recycle your content and get 140k+ additional views a month
Yes, I recycle my content. A lot. And it constantly gets me more than 140.000 new views on top. I use a pretty neat little process. I use it for ALL my content, and now I want to give it to you.

The simple trick I use to get invited to speak at conferences all over the world
It’s just a few clicks. It’s easy. And very straightforward. Don’t believe me? I gave talks all over Europe in the past two years. And Asia as well. Feel free to check my website for further reference.

Growing your Medium traffic from 0 to 30k+ views a month
A few months ago I had 1k views on Medium a month. Today I have more than 30.000 views on Medium. And thousands of people click through to my blog. Medium is a traffic machine. I’ll tell you everything I did to grow my traffic on Medium to this incredible number. And how some of my posts constantly end up in the Medium Top Stories section.

I’ll tell you how to create landing pages that convert 30%+ of your visitors
It’s hard to setup landing pages that work. I’ll tell you how you can create high conversion landing pages in just a few minutes. Why landing pages? Because you’ll get someone’s email address. And the REAL power is in your email list. That’s where the money is. I’ll also tell you how you can build your email list with landing pages.

Content distribution on autopilot
I’ll tell you how you can distribute your content EVERYWHERE. With just a few clicks. Post it on your blog and automatically distribute it to your Medium account, your Twitter account, your Facebook page, your Tumblr blog and loads of more locations. That’s a massive time saver.

How I grew your Twitter audience from 0 to 50k+ REAL followers
…without being a celebrity. I’ll teach you how you can do the same.

Using Facebook to build a massive online following. Without having to pay for ads.
I’ve found a way to build a massive following on Facebook. Without having to invest in ads. And without having to buy followers. As a matter of fact, I don’t even use my fan page that much. I’ll tell you my secret.

Collecting your first 1000 email addresses for FREE
I’ve collected over 1000 email addresses completely for FREE over the past few months. Just with one simple email course. I’ll tell you how you can do the same.

Using Twitter to generate 100 leads EVERY week. With zero marketing budget.
I use Twitter a lot. Especially when it comes to generating leads. And I’m not talking about sending tweets to other folks and asking them if they want to buy something. No, not at all. What I’m talking about are folks that give you their email addresses. Yes, on Twitter! I’ll tell you how.

How to set your email newsletter on autopilot
I was losing a lot of time sending out newsletters. Now I put it on autopilot. And I’ll tell you how you can do so, too. It’s easy and requires just a few simple clicks.

How I got the 500 Startups Partner from the San Francisco office on my podcast.
Without any introduction. And without really knowing him. Oh and I also had the first investor in Pinterest on my show who did 200+ investments in Silicon Valley and New York.

And a lot more things. But remember. You need to set up some of these things first. So it needs a certain commitment from your side to set up some of those things first. Do it once and then leave it alone. Forever. 

Stop marketing like it’s 1999!

zero 2 infl (cover yannswsm)

You know, many people still believe that you need a hell lot of cash to make it. To become an influencer. Or to grow your business or your personal brand online.

I think this is complete BS. You just need to know the right tactics. And the right tools. You just need to be smarter than the rest who’s constantly flushing money down the toilet.

And that’s what I’ll tell you in here. I’ll tell you how you stop marketing like it’s 1999. How you stop flushing money down the toilet.  And how you can step up your game and start marketing like it’s 2016.

Heck, I’ll tell you how to market like it’s 2020. Because no one is using these techniques, yet. I’ll tell you how to get the biggest bang for your dollar.

You know, a lot of people want to join the game. But almost nobody knows how to do it. So people spend thousands and thousands of dollars for nothing. No clients. No leads. No nothing. And yes, it is hard. It’s hard to compete in the online and social media jungle. You’re competing with folks who’ve been doing this for years and years.

They’re the ones reaping all the benefits from social media and the online world, while you stand in the dark and wait for that bus to pick you up. But you know what? That bus will never come. No one is ever going to pick you up. You have to ride your own bus.

And that’s what you’ll learn in the Zero to Influencer package. You’ll not only learn how to ride your own bus, but you’ll learn all the essentials and tools you need to know how to drive that bus.

But there’s so much more in it. Just one more quick example..

Additional Gift #1:

The Art of Being Remarkable

taobr (small)

You’ll also get an electronic copy of my book “The Art of Being Remarkable”.

This is the book to read when you don’t know what to do. When you feel like you could do so much more with your life.

Read this BEFORE you start reading the Zero to Influencer book. This right here will tell you how to find your niche. How you find out who you are. And what to do. It will help you to find your way. Your calling.

This is the story of how I got started. Of how I found my true inner self. Listened to my inner voice and started doing what I’m doing now. This is probably my best work, yet. The book to find out who you truly are. And what you should be doing in your life. This is your why..

Here are a few reviews from Amazon:

One reader said:

Reading the book feels like talking to an old friend. I love the “I don’t know. Nobody knows. It’s all BS…” attitude of it. It is not written in a preaching mode… “You have to do this, then this…” it is more of an eye opening type of writing, it provokes the reader out of his comfort zone and makes him think about the subjects, things, goals… life, life story.

Another reader wrote:

Learn. Return. Earn. That’s a fabulous «reset» of values that Yann Girard proposes in his book. Do not wait for having enough, having made it, etc. before giving to others, as this moment might never come. Start giving today as quickly as you learn. Share, do not wait for the right moment as this moment does not exist.

Another reader said:

Yann’s book like no other inspires readers to realize their own uniqueness and celebrate it in order to live their lives to the fullest and become remarkable. Many people can’t find their true calling because they don’t realize their inner power or struggle to unleash their inner fire that will help them to achieve major changes in life. They also strive to become like everyone else instead of being themselves and use their “unique voice” to stand out and create their own story. 

Additional Gift #2:

40 Alternatives to Quitting your Job

Why you should NOT quit your job (if you still have one) and what you should do instead.

We live in confusing times. Times where no one is able to predict anything anymore. Just a decade ago all you had to do is to go college, get a safe job and you’d be good for life. But this time is gone. Nothing is safe anymore these days.

And this makes it harder than ever before to figure out what to do with your life. It doesn’t seem smart to get a safe job anymore because there basically aren’t any safe jobs left anymore. Most jobs are going to disappear sooner or later anyway.

So a lot of people are very receptive to all of this go-and-quit-your-job and follow your passion stuff out there. And it sends many wrong signals. It sends the signal that it’s going to be easy. That all you have to do is to follow your passion and that’s it. But that’s not what it’s all about.

It’s about hard work. Patience. And persistence. You know all of this stuff people never talk about. Because it doesn’t sound sexy when you tell everyone that you’ve worked your butt off for the past 10 years and all you ate during those ten years were ramen noodles.

That sounds like a lot of work. And people don’t want to hear this stuff. They prefer to hear the story about that overnight success where everything worked out just fine. Because that’s the story we want to hear. That’s the story we want to believe in.

But that’s just not the truth. My agenda in writing and telling you this is to show you another perspective. The perspective of someone who quit his job, followed his passion, worked really, really hard and after three years still doesn’t see a sign of any overnight success. Because overnight success is the result of many years of hard work. 

My agenda in writing this is to tell you the truth. My truth. And to show you a few alternatives. Because you don’t have to quit your job to become an influencer. As a matter of fact, it’s probably a lot easier to become an influencer while you still have your job..

Additional Gift #3:

$100 Startup Ideas

100 dollar

Most employees have one income stream. Most of the super successful people have multiple income streams. Be like them!

Don’t rely on just one income stream. Try to spread your risk and build up as many income streams as possible. Sure, the more things you work on, the longer it’ll take until you see results.

But what’s the alternative? You work a job for ten, twenty or maybe thirty years and then all of a sudden you lose your job. And your only income stream is gone. What do you do then?

In my point of view, the most irresponsible thing, the riskiest thing you could do that might hurt you, your family and your kids is to base your entire future on just one stream of income that might already be gone tomorrow.

The way I see the world today is that we can’t predict anything anymore. In just a few years we might all be replaced by algorithms. Or super smart folks from developing countries.

And I’m not only talking about blue collar workers only here. I’m talking about white collar workers, blue collar workers, heck even pink color workers (whatever that might be)..

That’s why I collected some of the best ideas for startups that will cost you $100 or less to start. So you can start spreading your risk today. You’ll get 10 startup and side hustle ideas that you can start today. So you can start spreading your risk.

And the best thing about it? You can easily validate those ideas using the techniques I introduce in The Growth Hacker’s Ultimate Bible to Social Media. So get going..

Additional Gift #4:

The Growth Hacker’s Ultimate Bible to Social Media

Unbenannt-1 Kopie

On top of it you’ll get an electronic copy of my bestseller, “The Growth Hacker’s Ultimate Bible to Social Media.”

This is the predecessor of my course Zero to Influencer. It includes some more basic knowledge to get you started. It’s the stuff you need to know to get you started.

It includes some more basic things such as why Facebook pages don’t work, how to use Facebook ads to get the most out of them and how to kick start your email list.

Here’s what people are saying about The Growth Hacker’s Bible to Social Media:

Awesome tool for getting your social media skills to the next level! – Frederik H.

Must-Read for everyone who is just starting with social media marketing. – Daniel H.

A highly recommended read. – Stefan L.

Very useful guide for starters & masters of Social Media. – Joe P.

A must for anybody who’s eager to take on the social media jungle. – Narcis M.

You’ll get the electronic version of The Growth Hacker’s Ultimate Bible to Social Media completely free of charge to read on your tablet, smartphone, Kindle or any other reading device.

Additional Gift #5:

10 + 10 Bonus Hacks & Ideas

10+10 hacksdffThings change. All the time. And to help you stay on top of your game, I started an email list where I share all of my secrets on an ongoing basis with you.

I currently have two lists. The Zero to Influencer list where I share new secrets and hacks I discover over time. And the $100 Startup & Side Hustle list where I share ideas I come across all the time, which I mostly tested myself and validated.

So to keep you updated, I’ll send you 10 more hacks to go from Zero to Influencer as well as 10 more ideas for $100 Startup Ideas over the next 30 days. 


Here’s everything you’ll get today 


An electronic version of my book From Zero to Influencer 

This book isn’t available anywhere else. And it won’t be available anywhere else in the near future. You won’t find it on Amazon. Or Barnes & Noble. Or iTunes. Or wherever. You’ll only get it here. In this package.


My book The Art of Being Remarkable as e-book

After you’ve read this you’ll know what to do. You’ll know how to unleash your potential. How to get unstuck. Read this to get you in the right mindset. The mindset you’ll need to conquer your fears. Yourself. And the entire world.


40 Alternatives to Quitting your Job

You don’t have to quit your job. Most of the time it’s a lot better to keep it as long as you can. And to get ready for what’s to come next. Here are 40 things you should do BEFORE you quit your job


My best $100 Startup & Side Hustle Ideas

You’ll get my best startup ideas that you can start today that will cost you $100 or less.


My best seller ebook The Growth Hacker’s Ultimate Bible to Social Media 

which you can read on your Kindle, your iPad, your tablet or your computer.


10 + 10 Bonus Hacks & Ideas

You’ll get 10 more ideas for $100 Startups and 10 more hacks to go from Zero to Influencer over the next 30 days.

Why am I giving away all of my best work?

Well, first of all because a lot of people asked me how I’ve done all of this. How I went from complete Nobody to Influencer. And you know what. I’m more than happy to give all of this away. For a lot less than it’s really worth. 

The stuff in here would probably cost you thousands of dollars if you’d hire an agency. Or a consultant. Or if you tried to figure it all out by yourself. It took me more than three years of trial & error to figure all of this out. 

It’s all the stuff I’ve learned over the past few years condensed into a few simple lessons. For you to follow. For you to copy. This stuff will allow you to skip many steps. Mostly the stuff that didn’t work. This will get where you want to be. No, where you have to be. 

Sure, it still requires a lot of work from your side. It’s definitely not for the lazy ones. And if you have a few tens of thousands of dollars left on your bank account I’d suggest you hire a personal branding agency. I don’t know if something like that even exists.

If you don’t want to do the work, feel free to take your money and give it to someone who will then flush it down the toilet. Feel free to go that route. No biggie..

And it doesn’t really matter why you want to become an influencer. Maybe you want to start a charity. Maybe you want to become an influencer because you want to change how politics work. Or maybe you want to start your own company. Or become a successful writer. Or blogger. It doesn’t matter. The process is always the same.

You know, I believe that we all have a story to tell. That deep down there’s a story in all of us. A gift that we have to give to this world. Our gift. Your gift.

Unfortunately, many people get stuck somewhere in life. Working a job they don’t like. Ending up in a bad relationship. Or a bad divorce. And many more unpleasant things. Things that stop us from doing the things we were sent here to do. From doing the things we know deep down in our heart we should be doing.

And if the stuff I’ve learned and am sharing in this package might help you to make this world a better place, if this can help anyone out there to follow their path, to start changing the world, I’m more than happy to share my secrets. No. That’s wrong. I’m not happy to share my secrets. I feel that this is my absolute duty.

Again. This is no get rich quick scheme. It still needs a lot of work from your side. And it won’t work over night. But this is the stuff you need to do in the world we live in today to get noticed. To break through all the noise. To become the signal..

Here’s what I want you to do..

Take a look at my book. Take a look at the additional gifts. Take a lot at the additional material I’ll be sending you over the next 30 days. I’m sure you’ll love it. Like thousands of other people have loved my work already.

I’m confident that it’ll change your life. That it’ll help you figure out what to do with your life. And how to get there. I’m confident that you’ll find dozens of ways to make more money. Ways to sell more books. Ways to get more speaker engagements. Ways to get more readers. Ways to start your own company. Or ways to get a better job.

I’m so confident that I’ll even give you a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied or if you don’t like it, I’ll refund you the whole amount. You’ll get the $119 back. And you can keep all of the stuff I’ve sent you. No questions asked.

This is by far the best deal for my work you’ll get. EVER.

This is good stuff—I know it will help lots of people. It already helped thousands of people. And you can basically try it all for free. Take a look at it and then get back to me and let me know what you think about it..

You know, I’ve been working on all of this stuff for the past few years. It took me more than three years to learn all of the things that are in here. And it took me more than a year to put all of this together. A lot of the stuff won’t be available anywhere else. Ever. Not Amazon. Not Barnes & Noble. Or anywhere else.

This is BY FAR the most complete piece of work I’ve ever done in my life. It’s all the dots from my entire life connected. It all leads to this. And I’m sure it’ll lead to all of your dots, as well. And then they’ll start to connect as well. And everything will start to make sense. The pieces of your puzzle will finally start making sense. 

Again, you can’t get access to this deal anywhere else. You won’t even find the “Zero to Influencer” guide anywhere else. Or the $100 Startup ideas. They’re only available in this package. And I’ll let you have instant access to this guide and all the bonus stuff for just $119.

Yep, Just $119 $97…

Simply click the “Buy Now” button below and you’ll be directed to a secure order form.

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